Newgrange Design's top priority during this crisis is to protect the health of our team and help be a part of the solution for our community. We are proud of our team, our community, and our country’s efforts to protect each other during this challenging time. We continue to be fully functional and available to help support your team make the best products available. Please continue to count us in whether you need help designing a board, simulating a high speed PCB, or support with your EE team. We remain ready to help.

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What's New at Newgrange Design?

Winter 2021 Update.

Holiday Hunt!

As a way to spread some holiday cheer, our Social Events Committee put together a Zoom Holiday Scavenger hunt in December. Each round had a list of items that the players needed to find in their home to gain points. If they happened to not have the items on the list, there was the option to sing a song that relates to the item or draw it. We had 3 winners! 1st place received a gift card to Yard House, 2nd place received a gift card to Chipotle and 3rd place won a gift card to Starbucks. It was a fantastic time and a great way to lift our spirits during the holiday season.

Food Pantry Donation

During the 2020 Holiday Season, Newgrange Design gifted the culmination of a month of employee donations to the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry. The total amount donated by employees was matched by Newgrange Design's President. By purchasing their food directly in bulk, the Wakefield Food Pantry can purchase four times the amount of food they otherwise would be able to. This brought the total 2020 donation from Newgrange and its employees to over $4000! This has the impact of donating over $16,000 of food to the Wakefield Food Pantry.