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Engineering Services

With Mentor's HyperLynx or Cadence's Sigrity tools used for analysis, we can simulate high-speed signals in those tricky sections of designs before fabrication, dramatically improving board performance on the first spin. These tools can help improve the performance of a board in ways that are difficult to do without simulation. Some examples include:

Length matching of a bus of nets that may meet the minimal conditions but could still be improved. The analysis tools will allow you to exercise these nets and see if further matching improves things or is not worth the effort.

We can predict and eliminate the types of signal integrity due to the actual settings of a control IC that are often not considered until after the board is out to fabrication. The simulation forces a conversation between the firmware and hardware group that helps to define the actual speeds we need to obtain on the board.

Another example is in using Power Intergrity tools, you can simulate the value of adding additional capacitors or not. Due to the challenge of obtaining capacitors this can help speed a product's time to market.

Have a DDR design? This is a great example of circuits that often benefit from analysis, including timing analysis.

In additional our engineers have experience working in Soildworks. If you need fabrication and assembly support but don't have the time to oversee it. Consider reaching out to our experienced engineers to help handle this to make sure your next project runs smoothly.

The next time you need engineering support don't wait to give us a call.