Newgrange Design's top priority during this crisis is to protect the health of our team and help be a part of the solution for our community. We are proud of our team, our community, and our country’s efforts to protect each other during this challenging time. We continue to be fully functional and available to help support your team make the best products available. Please continue to count us in whether you need help designing a board, simulating a high speed PCB, or support with your EE team. We remain ready to help.

Contact Us: 781-245-2800

Newgrange Design specializes in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design supporting Altium, Allegro, and PADs tools. We have 25 years of experience in a wide range of industries and PCB Design technology. We are committed to great customer service and excellence in high-quality design and development solutions.

Featured Services

PCB Design Services

  • Over 20+ designers
  • PCB Layout: Altium, Allegro, OrCAD, PADS
  • Schematic Entry
  • Flex, rigid
  • High speed, High Voltage, High current

Library Management

  • Footprint creation
  • Footprint verification
  • Library Setup
  • Ongoing Library Management

Engineering Services

  • Signal Integrity Simulation: Hyperlynx and Sigrity
  • Soildworks experience
  • Fabrication and Assembly Support