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What's New at Newgrange Design?

Summer 2020 Update.

New Hires, Summer Social Event, and Food Pantry Donation

In the midst of current times, Newgrange Design is especially pleased to announce the addition of four new PCB Design Assistants and a Team Manager to our team during the Summer of 2020. Over the last two years Newgrange Design has grown by more than 75%, and it's exciting to see our team continue to grow. For the first time we interviewed and hired candidates remotely, which turned out to be a pleasant virtual experience. We are proud of our team for adapting to the current work environment and remaining fully functional throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We are gearing up for another round of Design Assistant hires this fall to help meet the growing industry demand.

The Newgrange Banner Wall









The Newgrange banner wall has a pennant from each school a Newgrange employee has graduated from.

Two new pennants have been lifted to the Newgrange banner wall for Bates College and Rutgers University! The other colleges represented in our most recent hires are Boston University, Boston College, and UMASS Amherst.

Summer Social Event

Even while working remotely we do our best to have social events with our employees. We play Pictionary, we celebrate employees' birthdays, and we have weekly (virtual) coffee breaks over Zoom which helps our team stay connected. For our summer social event this year, a group of us got together at the park on the south end of Lake Quannapowitt. It was a great way to catch up with coworkers, meet the new Design Assistants while being socially distant, and seeing how quickly our appearances can change in a few short months!

Food Pantry Donation

At the end of May 2020, Newgrange Design gifted the culmination of a month of employee donations to the Wakefield Interfaith Food Pantry. The total amount donated by employees was matched by Newgrange Design's President, Matt Leary. By purchasing their food directly in bulk, the Wakefield Food Pantry can purchase four times the amount of food they otherwise would be able to. The total company donation was $2530 (after matching) which had the impact of donating over $10,000 worth of food!