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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose Newgrange Design as our outsourcing partner for PCB Design?

Newgrange Design strikes the right balance between dedication to your project, excellent customer service, hitting deadlines, keeping you in the loop, and cost. We continually get new customers who are switching away from their old resource and are very happy with the results here at Newgrange Design. They are happy with both the quality of the boards and the customer service.

Why should we outsource at all? Why not hire our own PCB Designer?

Outsourcing offers tremendous flexibility, scalability, expertise and cost management. Many companies find it tricky to afford internal PCB design capabilities that are available when needed (not taking their three-day vacation in the middle of a design), trained on current requirements (who else in the office has the expertise to train them), and are able to scale up and complete multiple jobs simultaneously. It will help your company stay “lean and mean” by outsourcing this hard to manage task. The key is to find the right vendor who will partner with your engineers and management and become a part of the team.

Why not let our engineers do their own PCB Design?

There are two common reasons engineers usually do not do their own designs. The first reason is that it ties them up. This pulls your valuable engineering ability away from the project for extended periods of time. Using Newgrange Design allows the project to be worked on in parallel. For example, Newgrange will complete the board as the engineer works on software. The second reason is that many electrical engineers are not proficient on the design tool. This means that even though they know what they want to do with a board, they are wasting valuable time learning how to use the tool, or worse, they have made a critical mistake and are not even aware of it. A dedicated designer will be experienced on the tool and in the pitfalls of PCB design. We can quickly translate the engineers’ ideas into CAD information.

We have tried outsourcing and have not been happy with it. How will Newgrange be different?

We hear from many of our customers that we are different. We’re great at PCB design, and have a team of people to provide you with up to the minute status reports, and top notch customer service. It seems that this is a tough combination to find. Give us a try and see for yourself if we make you feel more confident about outsourcing.

What are your prices?

Our price is usually based on an estimate of the time it takes to complete a project. Normally, a schematic, rough Bill of Materials, board size and description of critical nets and placement are enough to generate a quote. You can request a quote here.

We have a close deadline. How quickly can you design a board?

We’d like to see your project and see what we can do. Call or email us to request a quote, give us a guideline of what your scheduling constraints are, and we will get back to you ASAP. We take deadlines very seriously, and if we say we will be done by a certain day, we make that happen.

What is “Newgrange”?

Newgrange is an archeological site located in the Boyne Valley of Ireland (about 30 miles north of Dublin). It is over 5000 years old and is both a mound and a burial tomb. It is shrouded in darkness throughout the year except on Dec 21, the winter solstice, when at dawn, a slit in the stones above the entrance of the tomb lines up perfectly with the rising sun, lighting up the tomb briefly (about 17 minutes), then fading back to black. This still works today, barring a foggy winter morning.